We are not a broker. Why is that important?

The Rockaway National Team is composed of professionals in the scrap metal industry that are regularly surrounded by scrap. We are not just sitting behind desks sending emails and making phone calls as a middle man.

We Know Our Scrap

Our offices are headquartered in New Jersey at Rockaway Recycling, our scrap yard that has been serving the NYC region with scrap services since 1977. We are regularly moving and handling scrap materials and equipment, so we know how to properly assess scrap services and provide the right services for all your needs. This ensures that your job will run smoothly and in a timely manner.

We Keep You In The Loop

In the scrap metal world, some services yield a profit for the scrap value and other services may require payment to get the job completed properly. Either way, as a seasoned scrap yard, we will make sure to look at all of the options available to your company to get your project finished in an efficient manner.