About Us

Service Company With Scrap Experience.
We know scrap. With our family of companies in the metal recycling industry since 1977 our team will be able to explain why and how things happen and what that means for your company.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Three words that explain how Rockaway National can help you and your company to go greener.

Team Rockaway

Why Rockaway National? We have realized early on that customers do not want to be told what to do- but want a better understanding of the process and why it is handled that way.

We are not a broker. Why is that important? Our team works at a functioning scrap yard and we understand what details are important to ensure that every job is performed in a timely manner and runs smoothly.

Automated not Animated. Our system of scrap and load management allows you to be able to know what is going on and when it is happening. Our account reps are dedicated to your job and will see it through from beginning to end.

1977 to 2007


Opened in 1977 in New Jersey, one of the most-competitive regions in the country. Grew through the years and passed from first to second generation. Established loyal customer base for decades and continue to expand services like online website pricing, industry-first.



Introduced website with daily updated scrap prices for customers. Was met with pushback but Rockaway Recycling’s goal was to become more transparent and cater to the customers’ needs.



Began to grow our industry connections and established relationships with leaders in the scrap industry. Perfected and refined our services locally to better serve our customers.



As we expanded from the Tri-State (NJ/NY/CT) area, we started to service customers on a national level.



Expanded our capabilities/tools to serve nationally, built up our logistics for serving national customers. Growing our team to help better serve our corporate customers and their needs for quick and reliable service. We are ready to help complete your project with efficiency.



Present Day
Began specialized coal plant turbine disassembly and dismantling. Helped retired power plants recoup their assets and clean up their job sites according to all of their standards and requests.


“Over the years working with Rockaway Recycling has always been simple and easy for our company. When service is needed, Tom is very accommodating with his team to get our project complete. We are happy to continue to work with them for years to come.”

– Wire Cloth Man

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