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Rockaway National’s team is experienced in all types of large equipment hauling and recycling.  We will work directly with the on-site contact to get an understanding of the needs and complexity of the job.  Your…

Power Plant Liquidation

With coal power plants shutting down across the United States our team knows how to help capture profits from units that are never going to operate again. From turbine dismantling to running liquidations of the…


Closing businesses or clearing out old inventory is a stressful and time consuming process. Our team at Rockaway National knows how to help maximize your material sales and also how to figure out how a…

Equipment Removal

Large Projects making you stressed? Let Rockaway National help with these projects as we know how to remove large items properly and rig them out in any way needed. Whether you have large tanks, silos, power…


While working with large casinos, grocery stores, as well as ATM companies themselves, the team at Rockaway National knows how to pick up and recycle these machines. By recording the serial numbers and working with partners…


No job is performed if we can’t give you the assurance that your material or equipment will be recycled and/or destroyed. We understand this is of importance to your company and even a liability.  Rockaway National can provide that…

R2 Electronics

As a nationally approved R2 Recycler, the team at Rockaway National knows how important that material handling and tracking is to you and your company. Our team is able to use tracking systems for pickups,…

R2 Certified Recycler in the United States

Catalytic Converter Buying

Catalytic Converters come in all shapes, sizes, and of course different values. The team at Rockaway National knows how to buy and give you proper refining results and help you hedge your cats so you…

Battery Recycling

The Team at Rockaway National will be able to help you with all the services you need for Battery Recycling for all types of scrap batteries across the nation. We can provide pick up service…

Solar Equipment

Rockaway National is looking for all brands of commercial solar panel systems for recycling from around the country. These systems can be properly recycled from the panels to the switchgear and our team can help…

Our Process


Connect with Rockaway National
Let us learn about your needs and how we can fit and focus on your logistics plan.


Building Our Schedule Around Yours
We work with you to find the best time and day of the week to move your materials, for when it works for you.


Dispatch Our Team To Your Location
Once we have your date scheduled, our logistics team will notify you when we're on our way.


Your Materials Will Be Handled
No matter your needs, our team will remove and recycle your materials exactly how they need to be.


Paperwork Is Prepared & Provided
Need a certificate of destruction (COD)? Your account manager will send you the proper paperwork needed for your organization.


Issue Payment or Invoices
Once the materials are removed and we've met your satisfaction, we will deliver payment or distribute proper invoices for our services.

“We had searched for years for the best option to recycle our used equipment. Rockaway National has met the demanding needs of our company nationwide and is the most reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable option available. The Rockaway National Team is our full-service choice for hauling and recycling whether the job is in Pennsylvania or California.”

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