Closing businesses or clearing out old inventory is a stressful and time consuming process. Our team at Rockaway National knows how to help maximize your material sales and also how to figure out how a process to be able to get your areas cleaned out properly. While a lot of obsolete inventory still has residual value- sometimes the time to try to maximize the value does not equal more money in your companies pocket and our team will help you to understand that.

Here are some items that we have helped move for customers in the past:

  • Metal Stock
  • Consumer Returned Goods
  • Vidmar Cabinets
  • Electronic Boards
  • Flooded Items
  • Natural Disaster Jobs
  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Expired Batteries
  • Old Electronics

To ensure that many of these items are properly destroyed our team will be able to provide end of life destruction certificates and track all items as they are removed. If you have any more questions please fill out our contact for so someone from out team can have you taken care of and answer your questions.

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