Coal Plant Dismantling

Rockaway Recycling has been working with multiple utility and power companies since 2016 to help create returns for your closed coal-fired power plants. Whether it is asset recovery such as tools and equipment or scrap recovery- our team makes the process as transparent as possible for you.

Cooling Condenser Brass Tube Recovery Under your retired coal turbines there are often time brass tubes (admiralty brass) inside of the cooling towers. Our team knows how to recover those and will be onsite…

Copper Transformer Removal Services Transformers are big, bulky, and full of copper and metals. Getting them taken apart is always a task but the team at Rockaway Recycling will be able to walk you through all of the…

Coal-Fired Turbine Dismantling

Coal-fired turbines are being retired across the United States and our team knows how to help the power companies recover some of their value. With steps and procedures in place to be…

“Your services were easy and painless last time so we were very happy to have a company we knew could take care of this so easy for us!  Thank you again for your excellent customer service and expedited timelines!”
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